Job 22:21-30
Even “miserable counselors” can get it right sometimes. These words from Eliphaz could not be more right. When faced with more questions than answers, more problems than solutions, more loss than gain, more death than life, we need to surrender our wisdom, our ways, and our wants to the Lord. Stop fighting and agree with the Lord. Stop trying to teach Him and learn from Him. We need to fix our priorities. Take the things that are most precious to us, the things that are more precious to us than He is, and let go of them. Then we will delight in the first and best thing, the Lord. We need to get our guidance, direction, and wisdom from Him. Stop reading the signs of circumstances, or going to others as our primary source of direction. Instead of being wise in our own eyes and the eyes of others we need to humble ourselves before the Lord. Then we will have the confidence of our God to do what He has directed us to do. As we do this, those who do not know Him will come to know him. Gravy.

Haggai 1:4-6, 2:4-5
After the 70-year Babylonian captivity of Israel the people were given permission to go back and rebuild the Temple which had nuked. Apparently people had gone back and built up their own houses into some pretty nice pads while neglecting the house of the God who had delivered them as promised. It’s easy to look back on them in history and say, “Duh.” But are we so different? No less than seven times Paul refers to our bodies as the Temple of the Holy Spirit. How much care, effort, and attention do we put into the presentation of our own bodies? I’m talking about us believer types. Even those who have, shall we say, let themselves go obsess about their bodies. Whether you say about yourself, “Man, I’m hot” or “Man, I’m not”, the focus is still on our flesh. What about our spiritual house? Is it in order or is it a wreck? Is God on the throne or is self? Are our hearts and minds covered in cobwebs and dust or are they constantly being renewed and cleansed by the word of the Lord and the inflow and outflow of the Spirit? It isn’t too late. It takes work and it takes trust in the Lord. Give yourself over to renewing the Temple of the Spirit. If the inside is good it will reflect on the outside, no matter what shape you are.

1 John 5:5
This is the question. This is the test. There is only one correct answer. Be it in the form of a true-or-false, or a multiple choice question, there is only one right, correct, and true answer. Jesus is the Son of God. Not “a” Son of God. Not the vessel for the Christ consciousness for a time. Not a great teacher. Not the one who showed us a way to live. Not a figment of people’s imaginations or hopes or dreams. Not a historic amalgam of Messianic figures. Not Michael the archangel. Not a cult figure. He is the Son of God. In order to overcome the world one must believe that. belief does not end with intellectual acknowledgment because that is just the beginning. That is the whole point of 1 John. Belief will be acted upon and evidenced by a variety of things. They are all based on this one absolute truth; Jesus is the Son of God. Without that, the rest is meaningless and false. Do we believe this? Do we really? Overcome.