Job 20:12-14
I hate diets. I want to be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and as much of it as I want (Double-stuff Oreos). I also want to not eat whatever I want, whenever I don’t want to eat it (squash). But even if I could eat Oreos 24/7, you know what would happen? I would feel awful. I would get sick and eventually have diabetes. Would that keep me from eating them? Probably not. I’m sure we have all known (or been) someone who stubbornly lived life contrary to God’s word. We’ve held views on issues we thought were right, but didn’t bring happiness. Evil is like this. We cling to it, hoping it will pay off one day, only to discover that it rots us from the inside out. In some cases literally. Put down the Orero, er, evil, pick up the cross, and follow Jesus.

Zephaniah 2:3
Even in the midst of pronouncing judgments on those who have been the enemies of God and His people, the option (you could even call it a command) to seek God, to repent, to humble yourself, to recognize that God is God and you are not, is given. Think of it from God’s perspective. At the height of the world’s rejection of Him, when you would think people would be the most angry at Him, He offers a way of escape. Not so much an escape from the physical judgment that faces the world at that moment, but of the judgement to follow which is the more significant of the two, the one that matters. How gracious, how patient, how merciful is our God? Whatever it feels like in your life, it is never too later to receive God’s love and grace.

1 John 2:24
These words, written to believers, reinforce the importance and significance of being rooted and grounded in God’s word. It’s also important and significant to understand that the word isn’t then end, its the means to the end. That end is relationship with the Father through Jesus. The rest of the world constantly tries to pull us away from that reality. Sometimes subtly, sometimes not so much. The most subtle way is by means of false teaching. teaching from the Bible, but with little twists that change the meaning and nature of things in such a way that they satisfy the flesh and not the spirit. The defense against this is doing what it takes to let God’s word abide, live, and grow within you.