So Sarah laughed to herself, saying, After I am worn out, and my lord is old, shall I have pleasure? Genesis 18:12
Even after the Ishmael incident, Sarah had apparently given up hope of every becoming pregnant, let alone God fulfilling His promises to Abraham. She had good, physical evidence to have given up hope. It wasn’t even on her radar. She thought this was a joke. But God had made a promise that didn’t depend on anyone else for anything, not even believing Him.
I tend to be too passive when it comes to the promises of God, meaning I don’t think that I look forward to them or actively hope in them as I probably should. I tend to think God will do what He will when when He wants to, which is true. Yet He wants me to be involved, He wants me to hope, He wants me to look forward with anticipation to what He has promised to do. I gotta work on that.
Lord, help me to keep in mind your promises, those in your word and those you have give to me so that I might, with joy and anticipation, look forward to what you are going to do.