Occasionally I’m allowed to write for other blogs and websites. I was even a regular contributor to a few for a season. Here are some of the past and present places where I’ve been able to contribute.

  • MacOS Journal – No longer online, I was one of the writers of the “Help” column, helping people with their technical issues, as well as writing articles explaining things like how networks worked.
  • Simple Minded Preacher – Now a private blog, I was the second regular contributor. It’s been through a few iterations and my time has passed.
  • Calvary Chapel Church Planting Network – I offered a few articles on church re-planting since that’s what we ended up doing at exchange church.
  • Calvary Chapel – The website for the Calvary Chapel movement of churches.
  • – A blog written by a friend I served with in ministry.

I’m looking forward to more opportunities as they become available.

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