I figure doing this by day instead of by session and workshop works better.

This morning was David Rosales with 1 Thess. 2:13 – 3:13 about trials and “speed bumps.” I had no idea David had been through so much junk even just in the past few years. His heart was genuine and his hope inspiring.

The workshop I attended was on technology and ministry, something I’m way into. It wasn’t so much a “how-to” as it was “this is what’s coming and here are some ways you can take advantage of it.” Some interesting things happening with HisChannel as well as a central media house for CC pastors to post their stuff.

The first session this afternoon (session #4) was Damian Kyle on 1 Thess. 4:1-12 and Pastor’s Personal Purity. Damian is so gentle yet convicting in his style. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work for me, but it really worked in this session. Great, great stuff.

So far, the tone of the conference has been very positive. No bashing whatsoever. I hope that this trend continues as Mark Hitchcock speaks on Preterism. I’ve heard Mark once before and he is another one of those gentle yet convited guys. He’s humble but he believes what he says and is confident. I’m so jealous. After that is dinner and Tommy Ice who I know is a favorite (not) on some websites. I’ll probably do a wrap up of the night after those two sessions have sunk in.


Mark and Tommy were great. Mark has such great character. He firmly believes is Futurism and all of its implications, but said that he would throw a debate in order to maintain his integrity as a Christian than win an argument. Great heart.

Tommy is from Texas so he has a bit of a swagger and some cockyness, but isn’t arrogant at the same time. He spoke on 1 Thess. 4:13-18 and the pre-trib rapture. He is currently working on a doctoral thesis from the U. of Wales and his subject is the origin of the pre-trib view and Darby. He has sources that go way back that show that the pre-trib view was being discussed (though not always agreed upon) from the 2nd century and after. Some have criticized him for taking these statements out of context but that just isn’t the case. He pointed out that he is even citing sources that disagree with a pre-trib view, but the fact that they were talking about shows that it existed.

Needless to say I’m getting some great stuff for my own teaching through this book and its sequel. I’m also getting some great encouragement from people about my online writing. I’m doing my best to stay humble so I’m not going to drop names. I’ve asked people to keep an eye on me and nail me if I get off base or out of line. They assured me they would.

This is kind of fun. There is currently a history of CC project in the works. A few months ago I was approached by the person putting it together and asked if I would be a source for the section on the future of CC. They wanted to get the viewpoint of the younger guys coming up on where they see things going, etc. Then I learned that there was going to be a video interview in addition to written stuff. Yesterday was my turn in front of the camera. Scary! But it was fun. It might be used as part of a video/audio thing in addition to the book. We’ll see where that goes.

Well, that was my day two. Something else I learned is that Mike Macon is a freak. Love you Mike!