Day 3
Man. When you listen to 5 guys in one day, it sure does run together at the end of the day. I didn’t have a chance to pause and blog earlier, so here it goes.

Tom Stipe – I’m a recent fan of Tom Stipe. I’m sure I’ve heard his name over the years but I had never heard him before this year. He talked about some stuff that is really good, but I don’t know that I can share in mixed company (guy stuff). It was very good. The next time I come across this chapter I’m going to be laughing.

Greg Laurie – Also good stuff. Lots of quotes from lots of sources. I’ll have to watch it again.

Chuck Smith – Chuck Got very personally involved in this study on 1 Cor 11. Very open, very real.

Ricky Ryan – Another name I had heard but had never heard him teach. He is a fireball. But the content of his study was all over what we have been on about over at SMP. Actually, most everyone has been at least touching on bits and pieces here and there. Bill and Ricky have been nailing it and not even knowing it.

For dinner, Bill Ritchie met a bunch of us SMP guys for dinner and we had some great discussion. All I can say is that what happens at On The Border, stays at On The Border.

Damian Kyle – The perfect pick to teach on 1 Cor 13. Another great one.

There are two more sessions tomorrow. While there are 16 chapters in 1 Cor,, we are only getting through 15. That means 15 session in four days. I think it was either Charles Nestor or Sean Nelson that observed that these conferences seem a lot better, more fruitful, or more useful (one of those) when the speakers teach through a book, rather than have a theme or a topic. Having watched many videos from the past years and listening to MP3s, I would agree with that. There is good stuff in the others, no doubt. But going through a book and hering so many different styles of teaching and ways of looking at things, it’s really cool. I’m hope they continue to do that.

Really pooped, going night night.