Day 2
Man. Five sessions today. This morning was Lloyd Pulley (CC Old Bridge, NJ) whom I had heard of but never heard before. Good stuff. After that was David Guzik who runs the Bible college in Germany. He also had some good stuff to say. Lunch was some good stuff. BBQ beef, mmmmm.

It’s been really nice weather. Yesterday it was sunny and hot, today it’s just sunny and nice. Cool breeze, sun isn’t too harsh, so I stayed outside and ended up having a great conversation with Bill Ritchie about some of the stuff he taught on last night. It was good and I’ll just leave it at that. I ended up not going to to hear Raul Ries, but I’m getting the videos so I’m good. After I was done with Bill another guy came up, saw my name tag and said, “Oh you have a blog, don’t you?” I thought perhaps he meant the SimpleMinded site, which he did but he reads TheBlueThread as well. We had a good talk about the nature and content of this site and SMP. It was nice to find a kindred spirit. It turns out he helps with the Pastor’s Perspective radio program and he invited me up to the studio to see how things work. This meant that I missed Don McClure as well, but then again, the videos. It was a blast watching how they did the show. I’ve listened, and I’ve even called in a few times, so it was cool to be on the other end of the phone as it were. I would totally love to be on that show. I’ve always loved doing Q&A stuff because it challenges me as much as it helps others (when I have answers that is!). I imagine it could be easy to get puffed up, being the guy who gets to answer other people’s questions, being “the man” as it were. For me, it would just be fun and a blessing to help others, to be a part of their walk with the Lord.

After that experience I bumped into Charles Nestor who frequents SMP but also has a blog of his own. We also had a good talk about the nature and content of SMP. In the middle of that, Mike Macon walks by and joins in the convo. That was cool. It then occurred that real peple are really reading and really commenting on stuff I have to say. That creeped me out big time. My instant reaction was to watch what I say more, but then it occurred to me that if people didn’t like what I write they wouldn’t say that they did. If I changed it, it wouldn’t be what it is. (Wow, that was deep.) So it’s cool.

During dinner I met a guy who’s full-tim job is singing with a group at Disneyworld. Sounds as weird as being a yoyo man! Tonight John Mill spoke on 1 Corinthians 8 with a theme of grace. It was pretty good. It was broad enough that, when certain situations come up in the future, I’ll have some good stuff to refer to. Afterward I had a good chat with Kelly Taylor. I dig him. He’s very real, very practical, and just gets down to it, but also enjoys exploring ideas and thoughts.

Reflecting on the last two days I think I figured out what I am going to enjoy most when it’s done. I think I will have enjoyed meeting the other guys from the SimpleMinded blog. The teaching has been good, but I don’t think I’m going to leave thinking, “Man the teaching was fabulous. That made the whole trip worth it.” What has made it worth it is meeting like minded, like hearted guys that I have “known” for several months now.

And something just occurred to me about the teaching. I’ve seen the videos from several previous conferences, and I’ve listened to MP3s from those I don’t have access to on video. What I have noticed is that the teaching always seemed very “Chuck” centric. There are many references to what Chuck did or exemplified or something like that. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but when that is the predominant comment during every single teaching session, it is no wonder some accuse us of Chuck worship. So far, the studies I have heard are pretty much just straight exegeses of the word. It’s been very cool.

And on that note, nighty night.