Greetings from my first CC Pastors Conference! I’m hoping to capture some thoughts in the sieve I call a brain in this blog. I’ll open by sharing about getting down here. Let the games begin…

Getting here Sunday night
My dad and I travelled down from Portland together. Our flight was supposed to leave at 9:20pm and didn’t leave until about 9:50pm. This put us in Ontario a little after midnight. We get to the car rental place and they didn’t have any record of the reservation. Fortunately dad has his paperwork with him and we got it sorted out. We get to the hotel around 2:15 and the guy couldn’t check us into our room for some reason. The guy wanted to get us in (the place was sold out) so we went to the room to find that it had ben turned over from the previous guest. That’s why he couldn’t check us in. The guy was cool and changed the bed (only one had been used) and got us some new towels. We got to bed around 2:45am. This was one of those days where, had we been in the flesh and not just rolling with the punches, not freaking out about stuff we had no control over, it could have been miserable. But, we kept our cool and just went with it. I think we were just happy to get to bed.

Day 1
There was a meeting for those who are on the senior pastor’s email list at 10 this morning. I was good. There was a presentation about internet safety, and protecting yourself and family from porn and predators. Very scary stuff. It’s way worse than is commonly known or talked about on the news.

The first official order of business of the day was lunch. That was weird. Only because when I was going to CCBC, I was the one serving people the food. Now I was on the other end being served. It was kinda creepy. I remember admiring the various groups that would come, especially the pastors, and wonder what it would be like. Now, I’m there and I wonder what these kids are thinking about when the see me! Scary.

After lunch Chuck spoke. It was good as always. After Chuck, Joe Focht spoke. Very real, very powerful stuff about the Father and Jesus all relating to Paul talking about knowing Christ and Him crucified. If you can get your hands on it, it’s a good one.

After that We hung out in the coffee shop, got online and checked email. Then we went to the workshop on publishing. It was disgusting to learn how money driven the Christian publishing industry is. It really is all about money. It’s a real Jesus and the money changers situation. But the good news is there are lots of avenues to get your stuff published, which is something I’d been thinking about for a while with that paper I have (if I ever finish it!). This was followed by dinner (again, creepy).

Bill Ritche had the podium this evening talking about 1 Corinthians 3. He was on fire tonight. His message about the absolute necessity of being continually empowered by, marinated in the Spirit, how it is and continually needs to be a defining characteristic of the CC movement, of the Jesus movement. It was exactly the kind of stuff we have been discussing over on

I’ll end the day by commenting about seeing and hearing about people from Bible college days. Some were now pastors. Some were now mommies. Some left CC for an extreme theological view, one in particular that just shocked me. It was the guy who did our wedding. I knew he vanished for a while and I expected to hear any number of other things that might have happened to him, but not this. It will be interesting to be in Heaven and look back (I hope) at the intricately interwoven fabric of our lives. To see where some threads enter, and leave.

Add to that, it was interesting to meet some of the SMP guys face to face. Some of the faces aren’t what I expected, only because it’s hard to know a face from a 20×20 pixel avatar. Here is a little something Mike Macon took of me this morning.


OK, enough of that for tonight. I’m running out of energy from five ours of sleep last night. I will update more tomorrow as I have time. Nighty!