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Germany part last

Well, that about wraps up the trip. Last night the conference began so that’s about all that’s going on. There are about 50 or so pastors from all over Europe. Ironically, almost all of them are Americans,...

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Germany part 6 – Back to Siegen

I went to bed last night looking forward to (not) a long day of traveling and shmoozing with a bunch of pastors. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t really get to see more than I did while in Berlin. We got up at...

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Germany part 4 – Berlin day 1

As yoyo man, I’ve been to Canada once, Australia twice, and England four times. While I always traveled there with other people, I was also always by myself throughout the day. Getting along in Canada (BC) is just like...

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Germany part 3 – The Road to Leipzig

The first night sleeping after arriving in Europe can be a tough one. Reason being, your body is still it the other time zone 9 hours away. Three of the five os us staying in the dorms at the Bible college were up, active, and...

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