Sweet Love: Having A Marriage That Doesn’t Suck, Week 4 – Empty Nest

We dated for five months, were engaged for nearly 18 months, and were married for nine months when learned that baby number one was on the way. We were 22 years old. That same baby turned 21 this month, and son number two turns 20 this year. Jess and I have spent half of our lives raising these boys. Over the past couple of years as they have become more independent, even though they still live with us, Jess and I have been getting reacquainted in the best ways. We are not the same people we married and that’s as it should be. It’s been fun as well as challenging. Here is how we got here, and what we are doing now as nearly empty nesters.

Sweet Love: Having A Marriage That Doesn't Suck, Week 4 - Empty Nest

Sweet Love: Having A Marriage That Doesn’t Suck, Week 3 – Parenting

Babies are so cute! Children are so great! But what about parenting? Are you ready to parent? Are you ready to raise little people who are sinners who need to learn grace and to be gracious to others? What about parenting philosophies? Have you talked about that yet? Homeschool vs public school and why, and who? Parenting involves a lot of questions. The more questions you can answer in advance the better. You will never be ready. No one is ever ready. But, the more you learn about being a parent on the job, the more you learn about God’s patience for you as one of His kids. If you can bridge that gap, if you can translate God’s grace and patience toward you to your own kids, you will be heading in the right direction. Here is our story.

Sweet Love: Having A Marriage That Doesn't Suck, Week 3 - Parenting

Sweet Love: Having A Marriage That Doesn’t Suck – Week 2

Young and Married

Engagements and Weddings are very romantic. There is a lot of optimism. There are lots of dreams. It’s the beginning of a new adventure. Stop and think about all of the adventure movies you’ve ever seen. They are all about overcoming a series of obstacles and dangers, trust is challenged, but a lot of personal discovery and growth happens as well. This is marriage. You need to know what it means to be on the same team. You need to have Biblical understanding of what love is and what it looks like. You need to equip your crew of two to go on this adventure and know, as much as you are able, what to expect. Bad expectations are the biggest obstacles on this adventure. Check out this conversation with Corby and Jess about our experiences on this wild ride.

Sweet Love: Having A Marriage That Doesn't Suck - Week 2 | https://www.corbystephens.com/sweet-love-having-a-marriage-that-doesnt-suck-week-2/

Sweet Love: Having A Marriage That Doesn’t Suck – Week 1

Being Christian As A Single And An Engaged Person

Many people look forward to getting married without considering the reality that what they are now is what they bring into their marriage. The struggles they have now are going to be the struggles that affect their marriage. The good qualities they posses will be the good qualities that bring life to the marriage. When we are single we have the opportunity to build a solid relationship with God and invite someone else into that. While we are engaged we have the opportunity to get ready to leave our own ambitions behind, to die to self, and to put God’s ambitions first as a couple for the rest of our lives. Check out this recorded-live video including some Q&A with Corby and Jess as they getting ready for marriage as a single person and an engaged couple.

Sweet Love: Having A Marriage That Doesn't Suck week 1 | https://www.corbystephens.com/sweet-love-marriage-doesnt-suck-week-1/

1 Peter 3:1-7 Therefore, Submit Yourselves pt 2


  • Living as an example of Jesus among unbelievers.
  • Some topics have a lot of baggage attached to them. This is one. Problem is we think in terms of opposites, extremes. Bad thinking.
  • Men and women are different. Duh.
    • Not better/worse than, not more/less valuable/significant.
    • Given different roles by God. As in a play, all roles important. Who is better, more valuable; Romeo or Juliet? Neither, but different parts, different roles.
  • Jesus our example.
    • Submitted Himself, didnʼt do anything to make Himself “attractive” but instead did what it took to draw us to God.
    • He lived with us, understanding us because we were weaker vessels when we were unbelievers. His prayer for us was not hindered.
    • His giving of Himself was itself a demonstration of Godʼs love for us. He went through what we go through and understands.
  • Whatever the state of your marriage, whatever the state of your life, the first best thing you can do is have a right relationship with Jesus.

1 Peter 3:1-7 Therefore, Submit Yourselves, pt 2 | https://www.corbystephens.com/1-peter-31-7-therefore-submit-pt-2/