Why Are You So Critical?

That’s not me asking you, dear reader, that’s you asking me. Corby, why are you so critical? I know, I know. I am. But from my perspective I could easily ask, why aren’t you more critical? How can you not see what I see? I know why. You’re normal. The thing is that I’m not […]

Be More Than Positive, Be Biblical

Depression. Self-image problems. Unrealistic expectations of success and security promoted on social media. As they say, the struggle is real. While it produces turmoil on the inside, it produces a need to “fake it” on the outside which leads to more sadness on the inside. I’ve been there. I will be there again. It sucks. […]

Jesus; Savior, Lord, and Mentor?

“Your father brings you into this world. Your Rabbi brings you into the world to come.” Mishna It can happen to any of us. From the seasoned saint to the new-ish believer, we can hit a point where Jesus feels distant. I know He is my savior, but He died and rose again almost 2,000 […]