I would have written this yesterday but it was too weird. It was one of those days when you start the day with a plan, you deal with one or two minor tweaks which are usually to be expected, but you hope to end up accomplishing what it is you started out to accomplish. My goal was to finish my study for this Sunday. I didn’t even get a chance to start. Yesterday is already fuzzy so I will do my best.

I actually went to be early (or on time, depends on your perspective) on Wednesday night. I got up, get ready for my walk and Jess decided to join me which is always great. I get back, get ready for the day. Emails come in, I go through those. Some more come in, more going through.

I’ve been debating whether or not to have a band come in in a couple of weeks so there were some emails seeking advice on that. I made the mistake of checking upon some blogs I decided to distance myself from. I read, and read, and read. Yes this was in my control, but I couldn’t help it! It was all I could do to not post responses. I wrote them in my head but never typed them out. But even that takes time to do.

I then went to the post office to check the mail. A form from the state dept of revenue came. We recently switched over our payroll to a new company so some bugs are being worked out. In the course of some phone calls, issues that weren’t even related to the letter came up. It turns out I paid taxes on stuff I should not have paid taxes on to the tune of some $400. Now I gotta figure out why some people who know what they are doing told me I did have to pay them, and why others who also know what they are doing told me I didn’t. In any case, it’s more work and stress that I though was behind me! The only thing I truly dislike about being in ministry is all the tax loopholes and minefields to work through. I just want to pay who I’m supposed to pay the amount I’m supposed to pay and forget about it. Sheesh. This took most of my afternoon.

In the evening I got a couple of very random calls that I was glad to take, but I just had to shake my head and giggle. Just a weird day. Today is turning out to be equally odd…