This month a drive-up coffee place featuring women in bikini’s (or less) arrived in Forest Grove. A group of concerned citizens wants the business to “close or move.” The church was contacted to be a part of a City Council meeting/hearing thingy to complain about the business. It is near a residential neighborhood and near a park (and the church for that matter). As I read the email I had to ask myself what should be the church’s reaction to something like this. Do we protest with signs? Do we look down on them as sinful sinners?

As I thought about as response I began to think about the girls (not like that). I thought about them from the perspective of a parent because I’m guessing that some of them aren’t much older than my own kids. My thoughts were, “That is someone’s little girl. That’s a father’s or mother’s princess. That’s one of God’s creations. She is more valuable to the Lord than this and she should be more valuable to others than two shots and some eye candy.” My thought was, “We should be praying for these girls to come to know who they are to the Lord and their value to Him.”

I get that many people don’t have an ideal childhood. Many children aren’t filled by their parents with positive messages, or expressions of value. Quite the opposite. Many kids are abused mentally, physically, sexually. Sometimes these factor in to people going into jobs like this. In other cases it’s much more simple; money. There is money in this. This leads to more money for more services provided in, shall we say, bolder venues. This first step of pouring coffee while in your nickers might not be worth it on its own, but what it can lead to can be considered worth it. In either scenario it is a question of value.

And then there are the men and women who go to these stands to get their fix (take that as you will). You are also facing a question of your own value as well as the value you place on these girls. $3.50 plus tips. Is that it? Is that your price to show some skin? Is that your price to see some skin? Don’t you all know that to God Himself you are worth His own Son? Don’t you know that the kind of life He has for you is one of genuine love and respect, and that the kind of husband or wife He has for you will (or should) love you the way Jesus loves you, mind, body, and soul?

So, skinny latte girl, not-so-thirsty coffee drinker, where is the value in your life? What are you worth? God really does love you. “But God demonstrates His own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8  You might not be able to hear that right now. It might sound stupid. It might sound impossible. But it’s true. God looked at you and me and concluded that we are with His own Son’s life. What’s more, it’s a free gift to us.

That is value.