Hi, I’m Corby

I’m an IT guy, Bible teacher, writer, podcaster, voiceover artist, standup, mentor, trainer, husband, father, guy-with-cat-and-dog, and I like making things that help others.

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IT – One computer or 100, Mac and Windows, wired and wireless. Single and multi-site network design and implementation. Problem-solver and trouble-shooter. Fluent in non-geek speak since 1994. Specializing in churches and non-profits.

Voiceover – Training videos, narration, commercials, characters. Able to record and upload.

Guest Speaker and Custom Workshops for Churches – With 20+ years of ministry experience I’d be happy to fill in for the pastor or speak at a camp or retreat. Single or multi-session workshops/trainings on various topics are available.

Standup – I’d love to help fill-out your showcase in the Portland area.

Corporate Workshops – Learn how to use skills from improvisational theater to help you brainstorm and problem-solve as a team.

(Testimonials, links, and demos coming soon.)


The Rhythm Journal – A three-month guided journal to help you walk with God at His pace. Funded on Kickstarter, available now. Click here to visit site.

Personal Bible Study Tool (in development) – A new method to study a passage, person, and place puts you in the story. It will also help you organize and cross-reference your notes.

Podcast (in development) – I grew up in Vancouver, WA and I feel like I’m just now getting to know my hometown. Interviews, local history nuggets, and featured local businesses are on deck.

Non-fiction book (in development) – I’m collaborating with my high school drama teacher on something that is so unique that I don’t even want to describe it online! Call it a self-help book with some unique tools

Children’s Story (in development) – A story about how bitterness binds us and forgiveness frees us. I’ll be honest, I would love to see this as a Pixar movie!



Original Content – I’ve been posting something online since 2005, some great, some meh. Look for fresh and refined posts in the following categories:

  • Reviews (products, resources, books, movies, etc.)
  • Technology
  • Producivity
  • Marriage & Family
  • Ministry (church/pastoral)
  • Discipleship (group/individual)
  • Standup
  • Voiceover

Shared Content – Sometimes I find stuff and I want to spread the love, especially if it’s content from friends and family. YouTube videos, Spotify music, links to other sites; if I dig it, I will share it.


How can I be of service to you? Are you curious about my projects? Questions about content?

Recent Posts

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Live On YouTube

I found these guys by accident and I'm sure glad I did. If you need a groove playing in the background at work, let this play. Bonus points if you can name the game show theme that Delvon plays while the guitar player is changing strings. (No, it isn't Jeopardy.)

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Kathleen Carnali – God Is Good

I wanted to share this video not only because the music is great, but the song itself is encouraging. Read (and Like/Follow) this Facebook post where she shares the circumstances around how the Lord gave it to her. Very cool! Love you Carnalis! (I've known Kathleen...

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MacBook Air 2018 Much Love On Day 1

Yup, it happened. I got a 2018 MacBook Air. I’ve been waiting for this for over two years, and it finally happened. My wife finally gave me permiss… er, I mean, Apple finally released a significant update and I got one. My previous laptop is six years old. Why did I...

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