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Coloring The Book

The way we “color” in the lines of Bible reveals our understanding of the text. The colors and life of the text come from Holy Spirit. The shading and depth come from studying the things around the text, like languages, history, and culture. All of this together impacts our relationship with God and how we represent Him to others. What does it mean to color the Bible? The Bible gives us the black outlines in white pages, but rarely gives us the colors or shading. Gives us what people say and do, but it rarely gives us the “why.” Gives us the...

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The Rhythm Journal – Live On Kickstarter

The Rhythm Journal is LIVE on Kickstarter! Click over to The Rhythm Journal and join the email list. Check out the Sneak Peek bundle which includes: A PDF of the complete introduction, instructions, and sample pages for the journal. A jpg of a 3D rendering of a journal. A pic of a mockup of the journal laid open with pages visible. The PDF is really the coolest part. You can see what all of the page layouts look like and some actual sample content from my own journal. Don’t judge! Here are the social links: Facebook @therhythmjournal Instagram @therhythmjournal...

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Album Review: Songs From The Sky by Brandon Bee

I recently did my first book review. As much as I love music, this is going to be the first time I’ve written about an album. I was flattered to be asked to do so by the artist, Brandon Bee. We served at the same church for a bit and I had the chance to observe Brandon as a person which is an interesting piece of this process to me. How often does someone get to write a review of something created by someone they know? I’ve seen him “in action” so to speak. I don’t mean on stage,...

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Book Review: Haverim by Paul Clayton Gibbs

Have you ever forgotten that you had something? I don’t mean that it was stashed away in a box in the garage, out of sight and out of mind. I mean it was in plain sight but you forgot about it. Then, you meet someone who is excited about this thing that they have, and you discover it’s the thing you have. You used to be excited about it. You used to want to show it off. What happened? This is what happened to me the first time I read Haverim by Paul Gibbs. I got excited again for...

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