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How Chronic Illnesses Produced Genuine Life Transformation

This is Episode 24 of Notes From The Road. It’s a second conversation with Jessica Stephens  and we’re talking about her experience with how chronic illnesses produced genuine life transformation. Disclaimer Please consult your healthcare provider before applying any of the experiences or recommended resources discussed or linked in this podcast and accompanying blog post. The Highlights This episode is a follow-up conversation to a previous interview from August 2016. Here are the highlights. How It Started This is for someone who is going through known or unknown health issues. “I’m so tired. I just want to rest.” Super...

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Gaining A Bird’s-Eye View of The New Testament

The New Testament is not something a bunch of guys in robes and sandals sat around and made up. It was not a new religion made up by a very charismatic guy 2,000 years ago. It is a collection of eye-witness accounts, records of how the early church grew and spread through the Eastern Mediterranean region, letters to churches, pastors, and believers, and prophecy about the fulfillment of all things through Jesus. I want to give you a 30,000ft perspective of the whole New Testament; how it’s organized, the purpose of the different authors and sections, how it connects...

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Old Testament from 30k Feet

This is the first post in a series called, “In Your Facebook Bible Feed.” On the first Monday of the month I will be hosting a Facebook Life event where I teach through the Old Testament. In this inaugural post I take you through a survey of the Old Testament from 30k feet. The Old Testament is not a collection of fables or myths. It’s not a collection of fictitious stories designed to teach lessons. It is a collection of historical accounts, songs, poems, prophecies that use imagery to communicate actual events, all of which is primarily based around...

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Star Wars Parables Episode 1: The Power Does Not Belong To You

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away” Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, living in self imposed exile, is tracked down by Rey, a scavenger, who has recently been made aware that she has the ability to use The Force. During their first lesson, Rey learns a very important truth. Luke asks Ray, “What do you know about The Force?” She responds with a list of things based on her own limited experience; the power a Jedi has to control people’s minds and move objects. Luke’s reply to Rey’s perspective is blunt; “Everything you just said is wrong.” He then...

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Coloring The Book

The way we “color” in the lines of Bible reveals our understanding of the text. The colors and life of the text come from Holy Spirit. The shading and depth come from studying the things around the text, like languages, history, and culture. All of this together impacts our relationship with God and how we represent Him to others. What does it mean to color the Bible? The Bible gives us the black outlines in white pages, but rarely gives us the colors or shading. Gives us what people say and do, but it rarely gives us the “why.” Gives us the...

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