NASA launched a new satellite-based telescope whose purpose is to look for earth-like planets in an effort to answer the cosmic questions, “Are we alone?” (Here is a link to the article.)

I can’t help but laugh at things like this. Our government spends billions of tax dollars (my dollars) not only propping up the religion of materialism in our educational system, but also in endeavors like this, looking for life out there. People go through all this effort and money which could go for educating people to work, infrastructure, health care, jobs, when we have had the answer to the question for thousands of years. Are we alone? Uh, no. His name is God. The truth of his existence is obvious. He desperately wants to have a relationship with us, just like we desperately want to have a relationship with E.T.

Private investors and thousands of individuals support SETI to listen for repeating, digital signals from space that indicate intelligence, therefore life, when all they have to do is use a microscope and look at life here on earth to see evidence that indicates intelligence. All they have to do is look at DNA to see a digital, repeating code that could not have come about by accident. It’s information. Information cannot be produced by chance, random processes.

Are we alone? No. God is dying, no, He already died to have a relationship with us. “The heavens declare the glory of God.” When we look through our telescopes, that’s what we see.