While flipping channels I came across one of those count-down shows. You know, top 50 child starts, top 100 80’s songs, top 20 sci-fi movies, like that. This ons was about the top 100 hard rock songs. I grew up in a musically eclectic home, my friends growing up each seemed to be into their own style, so I have a certain tolerance level for most kinds of music. But these kinds of shows aren’t so much about the topic, it’s the stories behind the actors, bands, etc. And like any good story, there is a beginning, there is the success and growth of the character, then there is that magical word; until.

With these bands especially, the “until” were so tragic. I had to watch for a while because this pattern emerged. “The band did well, until (fill in the tragedy here).”  The drummer over-dosed on cocaine. The front man died of alcohol poisoning. The bass player died due to complications with AIDS. And the legacy? “Man, those guys could rock.” “They were inspiring because they were all about the angst.” “They were pure expression.” “They were all about (expletive).” “They changed the world.”

No question people love these bands. No questions they impacted lives. I’m not trying to devalue what they did. It was just sad to watch the amount of influence these bands had, how that influence was used, and to hear about the “until” moments. People aspire to be like them in every way, to the point of dying like them.

As if these stories weren’t sad enough, there were the commercials for the reality shows. Young men and women throwing themselves at each other or some celebrity, competing for attention, fighting over who is the sleaziest sexiest, it’s just sad. What I kept thinking was, “That is someone’s little girl.” “That is someone’s son.” I wonder what their “until” moment was?

Everyone has an “until” moment. Even Satan had one. “Until iniquity was found in him.” We all have one. And it’s never too late to do something about it. That is, until death. If they were to include you in a top 100 list show, what would come after “until” in your segment?  Something to think about.