I recently did my first book review. As much as I love music, this is going to be the first time I’ve written about an album. I was flattered to be asked to do so by the artist, Brandon Bee. We served at the same church for a bit and I had the chance to observe Brandon as a person which is an interesting piece of this process to me. How often does someone get to write a review of something created by someone they know? I’ve seen him “in action” so to speak. I don’t mean on stage, I mean in life. These songs are not only “from the sky,” they are from Brandon’s life in Jesus.

These are no “Jesus is my boyfriend” songs

These are songs that proclaim God’s power. These are songs that praise God for His faithfulness. These songs are prayers. These are songs that remind the singer and hearer of God’s promises. These are songs that cry out to The Lord from the secret place of the heart. As I’m listening to them even now, it’s as though Brandon spent time in that same heart-space in which King David spent  time when writing so many of the Psalms. I don’t write phrases like that often so it isn’t just flowery blog language.

Songs From Following Jesus

Having followed Brandon on social media since he answered God’s call to move his family of 9 (now 10!) to Italy to help Christians in Italy create contemporary worship songs in Italian, I can tell you that the music that Brandon writes is from his spirit to God’s Spirit. They aren’t written for the purpose of being popular. They are written for the purpose of praising Jesus. They are written to encourage people to seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness (Matthew 6:33) as Brandon and The Bees have done.

From Italy he moved to the tri-cities area of Washington which, if you’re from Washington you say, “Why?” Because that’s where Jesus led. Even just this week, the week of the release of this record, Brandon and a friend were in a car accident. They were OK, but, c’mon. My family is comprised of four people, and I get frustrated when when stuff happens to us. He and Mrs. Bee are taking care of a family of 10. At this point they would correct me and say, “Jesus is taking care of our family,” and he’d be right.

I write all of that because when it comes to music or books or anything someone creates, I’m more impressed by what’s behind the thing created than the thing itself. If I don’t respect what’s behind the thing, I don’t really respect the thing.

Go Get It

For the record, I don’t get any kickback for this review. There’s no affiliate relationship here. I’m going to buy it and I already have a review copy. Go buy the album. Listen to it. And then, really listen to it. And then let yourself worship with it. Believe the promises you may have forgotten or never really trusted. Receive God’s grace and forgiveness anew. Be reminded of God’s faithfulness in all things.

I know I am, and I needed it right about now in my life. Thank you, Brandon. Thank you Jesus.