First off, Ken Armstrong is a really cool guy. (I get to go to Israel for free now.)

Mike Macontosh started off the. There is a story that is being left untold and it sounds very tragic. However, it seems to have greatly impacted Mike in a powerful way. It showed.

During the break some serious storms came through and knocked the power out. The hooked up some generators to the sound and David Guzik just went for it. The power came on and went off and David didn’t miss a beat. Mike Macon aptly commented, “I want to be like David when I grow up.” Me too.

The dining hall and surrounding structure is on a generator so lunch went as scheduled. After lunch Tom Stipe brought it home with “preach the word”. Always out of the park. Power was flakey. The videos from today should be interesting.

More later.

There is no way words can do this justice. The schedule said “Frank Drowns”. Who is that? Which church is he from? I had no idea. Turns out he is this guy. He was the guy who led the search part to recover the bodies of Jim Eliot and Nate Saint (amongst others) after they had been killed by a tribe of indians in Equador. The first bit of his talk was chock full of simple yet profound truths about living our lives for the Lord. No, more than that. Surrendering our lives to the Lord and letting Him live in/through us. The rest of his talk was an amazing description of an experience I can’t fathom being asked to do. It’s briefly described in the link above and played out in the movie (End of the Spear). Unreal.

After Frank was done Chuck introduced a video that had been playing in the resource room. While digging through the archives at CC someone found a video of a concert given by LoveSong in 1973. The remastered the audio and video and packaged it up all pretty like. It’s a testament to the natural connection to the culture at the time that was inspired by the Spirit and used to bring people to Jesus. And then, they pushed play. I thought maybe it would be a short preview. No, it was going to be the whole thing. While I totally appreciate it and what it represents, I left after the third song.

It has still been the best conference of the past three years. I hope it isn’t all “camp high” and goes somewhere and does something in/through me and Forest Grove.