It’s that time of year again. The Calvary Chapel Senior Pastor Conference in Murrieta, CA. Should be an interesting time. It’s already been an interesting trip down here.

First, my dad was supposed to come with me (or I go with him, however you want to see that). I went online, checked in for the flight, chose seats, printed boarding passes and let him know. But in the afternoon my mom called and said they were on their way to the ER because he was having hip pain, and he wasn’t going to make the trip. Apparently it’s been a long standing problem, but it really flared up yesterday. Serious pain. No way he could sit on planes in the in the chairs for hours on end at the conference. So he had to cancel. Good thing I got that cancelation insurance from Travelocity! (He will being seeing his regular doc and letting us know what the deal is. Perhaps arthritis.)

My flight took me to Ontario, CA by way of Phoenix. I had time to eat at PDX so I did because I had a quick turnover in Phoenix, no time for chow there. The flight to Phoenix was no problem. Little did I realize how quick a turnover it was! My flight came in on time, no problem. I got off the plane, checked the board, and it said my flight was now boarding. Yikes! Usually airlines group their planes at the airport. But mine came in at the A terminal and my departing departing flight was in the B terminal. Just one letter off, right? Wrong. It was a good quarter of a mine speed walk in sandals and two carry-ons. Sands are not made for speed walking.

I get to the plane as they are doing their “final call”. They scan my boarding pass, it beeps happily. I get to my seat, which I chose that morning amongst many open seats available at the time, and there is a dude with his family in it. I originally chose two seats, one for me and one for dad. Good thing he wasn’t right there right then! These fine folks also had these seats according to their ticket stubs. Curious. A flight attendant was right there anyway so she took my info and there and went off to check things out. I’m wheezing and coughing from my airport marathon and standing hunched over while people are heading past me to their seats. Another flight attendant came by and said, “They told us we are over booked but there should be some empty seats.” Huh?! I did spy an empty window seat which had an empty middle seat next to it. After a good long while the lady came back and said that they had moved me around the plane (virtually) a few times but eventually moved me off the plane as it were because they had over booked. It was a very Seinfeldian moment with the reservation bit. I chose my seat that morning amongst many empty seats. I check it. They weren’t very good at the holding of the reservation. But, thank God, that window seat was unclaimed and it was time to go. Yeah! It was going to be a short flight so no drink service. Boo! That was not cool in my condition.

I get my car, also no problem. And what’s the first thing I do? In-n-Out baby. Oh yeah. Second dinner. But it was 10pm so it was all good. I booked a hotel I hadn’t stayed in before, the Ramada Old Town Temecula. My iPhone found the address, or so I thought. I get to where it was supposed to be, and it wasn’t there. I did a search for Ramadas in the area, and it came up with the same hotel like five times on the same stretch of road. It might be here, it might be there, it might not. I finally found my ghost hotel (more on that later). Got checked in, I was tired. I noticed in the shower and in the “living room” remnants of something I’ve seen somewhere else. Where have I seen that? Oh year. In an assisted care facility. It was those things with the strings that come out that an elderly person can pull on and call for help. I wonder if anyone ever died in the room?

So, that’s the trip so far. Now I get to call Travelocity, and probably the airline, and probably Travelocity again, to get the money refunded for dad’s ticket. yeah!