• false prophets – pseudo prophets
  • false teachers – pseudo teachers. Genuinely deceived, and not
  • heresies – to chose, to elect to believe something different from the majority. “I donʼt want to believe this, I want to believe that.”
  • bought-purchased,nowunderthecontrolofthebuyer. An exchange. Key point.
  • follow – imitate. Supposed to imitate Jesus.
  • destructive – as the result of sensuality, absence of restraint.
  • the way of truth – there is only one way of truth.
  • The truth, the gospel, brings life, illumination, selflessness, salvation. The false brings destruction, greediness, confusion, deception, judgment.
  • 2:9 How does one go from being unjust to godly? Repentance.
    Transition point – itʼs an issue of lordship.
  • The struggles we see in the church, in marriages, in families, in individuals, all come back to Lordship of JC.
  • Canʼt do any of it assuming, “Godʼs probably OK with this.”
  • If Jesus isnʼt your Lord, He isnʼt your savior. Not my words, Godʼs.
  • Implied, if not specified, in the gospel, is the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Is He your Lord? Is this the missing thing in your relationship with Jesus? Start today.

2 Peter 2 Savior AND Lord

Originally taught September 6, 2009.