• Peter is going to remind us of the certainty of the basis for all of this. Not a philosophy, code, moral ethic. Really, really real.
  • stir – agitate. Sometimes we need that. Encountering someone we disagree with can help correct us, or further establish us in the truth.
  • You are never too young to think about what you are going to leave behind.
  • Boundary markers – help you now when you are about to cross a line. Psalm 119:9, 11.
    • Landmarks / altars – reminder to self and future of signifi- cant encounter with God. A-ha moments.
    • What are your landmarks? What are you doing to remember the reminders? Devos, study, memorization.
  • The God who moved and spoke to and through those people, wants to move and speak to and through you, in terms of relationship and delivering the gospel, the light to be heeded.

2 Peter 1:12-21 The Prophetic Word Confirmed

Originally taught August 30, 2009.