• Stuff must have happened between two letters. Very different. What?
    • A lack of diligence in their walk combined with persecution.
    • Weakened them to be deceived by false teachers promising them easier way.
    • Resulting in them bailing on Jesus and forgetting the promises concerning Godʼs love and justice. They needed reminders.
  • knowledge – epignosko. clear and exact knowledge from experience.
  • 1:4 great and precious promises through which we can be partners in, participants of the divine nature. The Exchange.
  • Where are you? Where are we as a church? Do you have all things? Are you partaking? Are you experiencing Jesus?
  • giving all diligence – strip down life to its essentials, add this in first, then the rest by priority. As soon as this gets crowded out something else needs to go
  • Imagine you know where your car keys are, but you spend all your time looking for them everywhere but where they are, and wondering why you canʼt find them. People do this with Jesus.
  • sure – you canʼt be more saved or less saved. Salvation, calling, election are in what He has done, not what we do. Peter means, for our sakes, do what it takes to make our lives in him firmly fixed, rooted, grounded.
  • Youʼre saved? Great! Do you have the abundant life Jesus promised?

2 Peter 1:1-11 Give All Diligence

Originally taught August 23, 2009.