• Living as an example of Jesus among unbelievers.
  • Some topics have a lot of baggage attached to them. This is one. Problem is we think in terms of opposites, extremes. Bad thinking.
  • Men and women are different. Duh.
    • Not better/worse than, not more/less valuable/significant.
    • Given different roles by God. As in a play, all roles important. Who is better, more valuable; Romeo or Juliet? Neither, but different parts, different roles.
  • Jesus our example.
    • Submitted Himself, didnʼt do anything to make Himself “attractive” but instead did what it took to draw us to God.
    • He lived with us, understanding us because we were weaker vessels when we were unbelievers. His prayer for us was not hindered.
    • His giving of Himself was itself a demonstration of Godʼs love for us. He went through what we go through and understands.
  • Whatever the state of your marriage, whatever the state of your life, the first best thing you can do is have a right relationship with Jesus.

1 Peter 3:1-7 Therefore, Submit Yourselves, pt 2 | https://www.corbystephens.com/1-peter-31-7-therefore-submit-pt-2/

Originally taught July 12, 2009.