• Living as an example of Jesus among unbelievers. Peter is emphasizing the need for believers to submit themselves, even to unbelievers. Let them see Jesus in you. Even in marriage.
  • Marriage is the first institution/organization God has given to mankind.
    • The foundation for all society and culture.
    • Who was on the ark? Four married couples. Marriage common in all cultures because of this.
    • A strong marriage, a unified marriage is important. Not just a functioning one, a deliberate unified one, as much as depends on you.
  • Donʼt let life get in the way of your family living for the Lord.
  • There is nothing more important, or more personal, than oneʼs marriage. Hard to ask for help.
  • Without strong marriages, our community, our church is weak. Seek help if you need it.
  • Strong marriages means strong families, strong communities, strong churches, strong believers. Play your part.

Originally taught July 19, 2009.