• Are you/we coming to Him or are you just around Him?
  • Living stone – lively, active, enduring, not dead, inactive. In this context a building stone, chiseled and shaped.
  • “When I look at the stone I see the finished sculpture. My job is to clear away the extra bits.” Thatʼs what God does with us.
  • As the church we rest on the strength of others, while others rest on us. We are Godʼs chiseled body. God is the architect.
  • All of this is collective, a community.
    • WE are the stones in the house. We need to receive and give strength to one another. Canʼt do that unless we make it a priority. Submissive rock? Whose house?
    • WE are the priesthood. Our lives are completely given over to serving Him, glorifying Him, and leading others into the same.
    • Personal relationship, not individualistic. Not my faith on my terms. No lone stone can claim to be part of the building.
  • We are being chiseled by God into something that brings Him glory.

Originally taught June 21, 2009.