• Context – living as an example of Jesus among unbelievers
  • 2:13 submit yourselves – imperative, you do it to yourself. Subjugate. put under the authority of another, cooperate, subordinate, yield, obey, assume responsibility, carry a burden. Military usage; to arrange troops under a leader.
  • 2:21 Christian – one of Christʼs. Disciple – a student, one who learns the ways of the master. We want the good and not the bad. All or nothing. It isnʼt all suffering, but that is a big part when doing it right.
  • Called to suffering as Jesus was, but joy and power through it all.
  • We have been healed and are dead to sin.
  • We have been found and are under the protection of our Shepherd. Live it!

1 Peter 2:13-25 Therefore, Submit Yourselves, part 1 | https://www.corbystephens.com/1-peter-213-25-therefore-submit-part-1/

Originally taught July 5, 2009.