The headline reads, “Florida Teacher Allegedly Lets Kindergarteners Kick Autistic Boy Out of Class in ‘Survivor’-Like Vote.” This boy has the same thing my younger son has, so this could have happened to him. Perhaps the saddest thing from the article.

Each student was also allowed to say what he or she did not like about Alex. By a 14-to-2 margin, the students voted Alex out of class, according to The South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

“She said this was her way of correcting his behavior,” Barton said. “I asked him how that made him feel and he said, ‘I feel sad.’

This teacher is completely ignorant. That’s just all there is to say. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. She knows nothing of the needs of her students, even the “normal” ones. It would be easy to condemn the entire public school institution for the acts of one or a few teachers. It would feel right to do so because that’s what most people do when they hear about some nut job homeschooler who kills their kids or something. I know some good, Godly people in public education so it isn’t all bad.

But this incident is just another harsh reminder of one of the reasons why we are committed to homeschooling. Is this the kind of “socialization” you want for your kids? Do you want your five-year-old’s teacher teaching your kid that it is a good thing to gang up and say things they don’t like about another kid and vote to let them back into the group? I want to barf and cry and punch something all at once. (That would be kind of gross though.)

Here is the saddest part.

Alex has not returned to school since the incident, and Barton says he won’t be going back.

“He was incredibly upset,” Barton told the Sun-Sentinel. “The only friend he has ever made in his life was forced to do this.”

Alex, hang in there buddy! We’re pulling for you!