Jabba\'s lady I saw Return of the Jedi 13 times in the theaters in 1983. I was a bit obsessed. It wasn’t because Princess Leia was in that suit either. However, that suit she had on has become kind of a fan thing for ladies. Lots of guys make their own Stormtrooper armor, the ladies make the Leia bikini. In fact, at comic cons and fan conventions, there is usually a gather of these people for group photos. Such is the case for the ladies at Comic-Con International. However, they have some restrictions regarding who can participate.

  1. Costume must be a bikini. OK, I can see how some ladies might try to make a one-piece, depending on their build. So while this is kinda obvious, its warranted.
  2. Females in the costumes only. Wait, what? Yes, just like they had to put “do not operate electric blow dryer int he shower or bath tub” they had to spell this one out as well. Sheesh! Who are the guys who try to… wait, I don’t want to know. You would think this would be obvious, but I guess not.
  3. Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Again, its probably a good thing that this one is spelled out.

So there ya go. It was #2 above that caught my eye. Or rather, I hope it doesn’t catch my eye. (shudder)