Laugh untill you stop.

With four years as a one-man show touring in the US, UK, and Australia, and more years as a professional public speaker, it’s time to revive an old dream of doing standup comedy with my own material. I am actively looking for opportunities to be a part of showcases in the Vancouver/Portland area. In the mean time, I’ll be working the open mic scene. Check out the videos below of a recent showcase. I’d love to hear from you and be a part of your show!


Combining products saves time and makes life so convenient.

“In bed”

A happy marriage is about understanding expectations. Or not.

Tri Wizard Cup

The argument can be made that people who are really into sports should also be called “nerds.”

Snaxe Body Spray

Smell delicious.

My First Set

The four bits above in their un-split-up glory.

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