Greetings race fans.

This afternoon Mike Macintosh taught from 1 Thesslonians 1. It was good. I especially liked how he emphasized the role/power of the Spirit, how everyone deals with speed bumps in the walk, even if they feel like nuclear bombs. It was good, useful, practical stuff. Thanks Mike!

The workshop I had intended to go to was on government and the church. But I had the sense that I was supposed to be at the one on the emergent church, just to be there and be able to talk about what was talked about in case it came up elsewhere. So I went. I was impressed. The guy did a great job and he is genuinely in the trenches of it so he was the perfect person to talk on it. He said pretty much what I’ve been saying about it so of course I liked it. šŸ˜‰

Kelley Taylor took my family out to In-n-Out tonight to encourage us, so that was cool. Kelley is working hard to keep me encouraged because I am a big coward. It’s one thing to be able to say something, it’s another to deal with people who don’t like it, or like it for that matter. As I was writing that last sentence, someone came up who lurks on SMP. I had an online altercation a year ago with this person so I was kind of surprised. We made nice and he said he appreciated the stuff I’ve been writing on SMP. I have to say that it is equally freaky to have someone say they like your stuff as it is that they don’t. I have not yet had someone personally come up and say they don’t like it, online is enough for me. But we shall see…

Bob Caldwell was session 2 on 1 Thess. 2:1-10. Bob has a way of finding the heart of things. The emotional connection that is. It was really good. These will probably be even better when I can watch them again on DVD.