Did this kind of thing happen to anyone else? I got home a little after midnight Thursday and had a hard time getting to sleep. I woke up totally allergied out so I popped a couple of Benedryl. I’m usually ok with them. In fact they usually don’t help very much. Usually being the operative word. I got my butt kicked by those little suckers. I was flat on my back with my head in outer space, but I could breath and my eyes were their normal shape and color. But that’s only half of it.

My physical wiped-outedness didn’t help my unexplained poopy mood. I was emotionally drained, depressed, snappy, I was ready to quit. Everything. I just wanted to crawl into bed (still able to breath of course) and tell everything to go away. I have such a long way to go. The church has such a long way to go. The task of getting there, personally and corporately, is overwhelming. The giving is down and there is stuff to pay for. I learned this week that there are others watching me with high hopes. Now I have that over my head.

Meanwhile my wife is doing great. She has a part time job she loves, she is growing in the Lord leaps and bounds, excited by the effort she is putting into it. I’m happy for her but jealous at the same time. It seems like we have not been on the same page at the same time in a long time. One is up, the other is down, like a see-saw/teeter-totter (whatever you call it where you are from).

Now I’m supposed to be hot and excited tomorrow, fresh off the mountain top of the SPC, and here I’ve ridden a landslide into the valley of death all the way down below. It’s sucky. Very sucky. Is anyone else going through anything remotely like this? Any vision or excitement I might have gained at the conference has been removed with a shop vac and sent to the landfill.
That’s it. No more Benedryl.