The worship leader for our church, Jordan Weston, and I, have started a new podcast project called Notes from the Road. It is proving, at least for us, to be a fascinating experiment/project. It’s goal, as simply as we can put it, is to get people thinking and talking.

Thinking and talking about what? The role of worship in the life of the church and the believer. We say right up front that we don’t offer any answers, we don’t offer any “how to’s”, at least not beyond “this is what we do and why we do it this way”, but we don’t say that any of it is the way you are supposed to do it too. What we want is for worship leaders, pastors of churches, musicians on worship teams, sound people, anyone involved in worship ministry, to rethink why it is that they do things the way they do them.

Worship conferences are loaded with all kinds of practical stuff, and praise God for that. What is often missing is they “why” behind things, the heart behind things. Worship has become a programmed element that is part of the service to the point of it being programmed down to the minute. No room for flexibility, no room for the Holy Spirit to be spontaneous. While discussing these things one day, Jordan and I thought of trying to put together a new kind of conference. After quickly realizing that would be a tremendous undertaking, we thought that a podcast, a series of conversations with people who have been (or are) through the process of being built up, then broken down, to learn what the essentials are, would be a more efficient way to get this “out there”. This is what we are after.

Please do visit the website linked above to browse the podcast episodes on the web. You can also go to our listing in the iTunes podcast directory and subscribe there. If you do so, please visit it again and submit a review. Feed back is welcomed!

So far we have had the chance to interview Ron Stephens (my dad, musician, worship leader, music producer) and Dominic Balli (worship pastor at Reality Carpenteria). This weekend we will be interviewing Terry Clark. I’m so stoked. Be sure to check back Monday for that one!