As I said yesterday, today is kind of my only “down” day. I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. I’m in Berlin, Germany, a place of significant history. And what happens? First of all, it’s Monday. All of the museums are closed on Mondays. It’s the only day of the week they are closed. Second, it’s raining. Not rainy, but raining. We wanted to get out of the house a bit and see something, so we took an abbreviated tour of a couple of spots.

But before that, we had breakfast. I had a bowl of Cheerios. I just couldn’t do cold cuts for breakfast. After breakfast, Paul, Luke, another guy named Ari and I had devos. They have been going through Nehemiah. We each red a few verses and shared some thoughts, and then prayed. It was could. I might teach Nehemiah after Acts. Maybe.

The we headed out. I bought a day pass for the public transit system. Basically $9. We took the underground to a bus to where the parliament building is. You can see all kinds of government buildings, historic and modern. From there we walked to the Brandenburg Gate. Its a very significant site for Germany going way back. Napoleon marched through it. On the way to the gate we came across the special bricks in the pavement that follow the path of the Berlin Wall. I took a pic (below) of my feet on either side of it, with a plaque. My left foot is in East Berlin, my right foot in West Berlin. There is a Starbucks by the gate so I got my fix, as well as a mug to add to my collection of city mugs. Yeah! After our mocha fix we followed the wall path some more to where they had some old pieces of it up with historic info.

We were close to where Hitler’s Bunker was located. I kind of wanted to see it, but it isn’t there anymore. There is only a sign marking where it was and buildings over its site. To me it seems unfortunate that the Germans have destroyed basically every structure from that era. While I can understand that they are ashamed of that part of their past, it seems to me that for the sake of history and posterity, some of it would be preserved. I mean, look at the atrocities that happened in the Colosseum in Rome, and its preserved as a historic site. But I digress.

After this we had lunch in a mall, pizza and a Coke. It was just too rainy to go anywhere else and we were all soaked. So, we bailed and headed home. It’s kind of a good thing. This is really the only chance I will get to work on my study for this Sunday. Tuesday and Wednesday are the conference, where I have to shmooz of course. Thursday is travel day. I may end up spending the night in Olympia or Toutle again, depending on how tired I am and if caffeine will get me home by 11pm. Friday and Saturday I’m sure I will be dead. So I think I will spend the rest of the day getting ready for Sunday. Enjoy the picts below!

Me at the wall path

The Brandenburg Gate

Starbucks at the Gate. Yeah!

Luke and I posing over coffee.

A blurry picture at the wall.