My trip, and yes I am tripping, began on Wedsnesday the 16th at about three in the afternoon. I left Forest Grove (FG) on a clear, crisp, Northwest winters day. My destination was grandma’s house in Tumwater, WA. I had to drop something off in Beaverton on the way. After my errand, I checked the traffic my trusty and newly updated iPhone. I-5 north was a mess and backed up over the Fremont so I decided to take US 30 up the Oregon side of the river. Again, beautiful. I saw Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mt. St. Helena which was quietly rumbling and steaming in the distance. Granny’s house was reached without incident at about 6.

We swapped health care stories for a while, then she headed off to bed. I forgot that she liked to go to the sleep with the TV on. And on. And on. My cousin, who lived there with g’ma, starts early in the morning which means not too much sleep was had my yours truly.


My ride to the airport, the pastor from Aberdeen, showed up promptly at 7:30. His father-in-law is an excellent driver. I’ll leave it at that. We pulled into SeaTac at 8:45 for our 10:30 flight which was actually delayed until 11:45. Fortunately our connecting flight was an hour delayed as well, so it was all good. I’d never flown through San Francisco before so that was kind of cool. I had a row all to myself.


I am now five hours into a ten hour flight. Window seat, score! They showed Ratatou-whatever you spell it, which I’ve seen before but was still fun. Then they showed, “The Ultimate Gift” which I had never even heard of. I think my kids should watch it. Jess will like it because it ends with a Sarah Groves song. Now they are showing “Jane Austin Book Club.” I don’t mind the movies of Jane Austin books I’ve seen. I like the whole English thing. But this movie is just too weird.

Between cloud breaks I can see snowy scenes lit by moonlight. The Canadian great plains are all snowy. We are over some water now. Ice actually. Big old sheets of ice. Kinda cool. Frozen cool even.

We are set to land at 10:40 Friday morning. Everyone has been asking me, “What are you going to do in Germany?” I’ll let you know when I find out.