I had such a fun time interviewing Jessica Stephens. Not just because she’s my wife, but because I knew that there would be some serious wisdom, practical insights, raw honesty, and inspired moments for us all to learn from.


Get something to take some notes because this one is going to be rich and compelling. I think the naked bird moment is my favorite.

Production note, I somehow pulled a known bad microphone out of the toy box of gear, so my mic is a little fuzzy. I do apologize and it has been properly labeled.

Here is my interview with Jessica Stephens, recorded on July 27, 2016.


When we got done we could not believe we had been talking for 90 minutes. It flew by. Here is my complete list of favorite nuggets and takeaways from this interview.

  • The consistency amongst the interviewees of the “connection with God” moment, resulting in a hunger thirst for the word.
  • Sometimes the process of connecting God’s word to life is systematic, sometimes its “nibbling.”
  • Teachable moments as parents as well as for the kids. Instilling not just morals, but God’s heart and mind into the kids.
  • Spiritual business does not equal spirituality or a connection to God.
  • Redeeming the time with memory verse cards for use while nursing.
  • Remarkable moment landmarks in a journal or wide-margin Bible related to the verse.
  • Having the mindset that time in the word is going to go somewhere and do something, even if you aren’t using it to prep to teach.
  • A cook gets to eat what they prepare for guests for a specific meal. They also prepare food for themselves apart from that throughout the day.
  • Self feeding, being a self-feeder. Have a personal meal with Jesus. Learn how to cook at home.
  • I don’t know whats happening, always go to what you know is true in God’s word. Isaiah 41. “He will be with me.”
  • If you approach God’s word and an encounter with God with an attitude that says, “I need to hear from You, and I will believe what You say,” He will speak. The word will come alive. If you approach it with an attitude that says, “I’m really frustrated, what are you doing?” I find that He probably does speak, but I won’t receive it. – Also a consistent pattern with other interviews.
  • Word study on the word “wait”. To bind together as though by twisting, like pieces of a rope.
  • God’s magic carpet ride, not yanked out from under us.
  • Teaching and taking in scripture, my own word time and prayer, it became more lifestyle oriented.
  • When good things are the wrong things they can be the most entrapping things. When you are a gold star person and you meet and exceed expectations, and they are the wrong expectations, you can feel the most trapped. Sometimes the people with the expectations can destroy you, but it is through that destruction that you finally experience the freedom you didn’t know you were missing.
  • I need to know whats true when a lot is coming at me.
  • Sometimes we can handle things ourselves that God wants to handle for us. However, since God wants to handle them and be involved in our lives, sometimes He will give us something that only He can handle.
  • We learn truths in layers. The more we learn them the deeper and more challenging it is.
  • We need to filter the whole of our experiences through our health sometimes. Yes there are issues and thoughts and feelings we have that we need to grow out of, but sometimes they are caused and at the very least effected by healthy and biological issues.
  • Heart’s cry, I need to know that You see me.
  • Traditions can become traps to spiritual growth. Life is circular, you outgrow things, and can grow back around to earlier traditions. Outgrowing one form of spiritual discipline and moving on to a more challenging one. That’s a good thing! Maturity! And again, you will often come back to those first ones and learn in a deeper way from them than you could have before.
  • We are followers of Jesus who happen to be fill in the blank
  • Being a follower of Jesus is meant to be a holistic experience. Greatest commandment.
  • Spiritual disciplines. Prayer, Bible meditation, honoring who He made me to be and what energizes me, finding inspiration in a more structured or disciplined spirituality, or walk with God.
  • Learning how to be fully alive – John 10:10. It’s a spiritual discipline. You’re a unique creation of God and you reflect Him best when you are fully alive.
  • Holy Yoga is an unconventional way to grasp the concept of what Paul meant in Romans 12:1-2, presenting your bodies and being transformed by the renewing of your mind.
  • Holy Yoga is my current vehicle for growing deeper with God.

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