Exodus 6-8
I guess I never noticed, or maybe I forgot, that it was Aaron’s rod that was thrown down before the king. I guess I also forgot how much Aaron was involved in the delivering of the plagues. For two of the plagues it says “And the Lord said to Moses, ‘Tell Aaron…'”. I guess the movies have messed me up!
When God calls someone to do something it’s better not to do it alone. Moses always had help. Many of the prophets had help. Jesus had discipleship, the early church planters went out in teams. If God calls, He is with us so we aren’t alone and He is our help to be sure. But a person should not feel like they have to do it all by themselves. We have a God of relationship who has designed us to be people of relationship, which includes serving in His calling. Don’t go it alone.
God, thank you for giving me so much help, especially in the form of my wife. Forgive me when I take it all on myself and even exclude you from the process. Help me to be better at relationships because it is one of my weakest points.