Connected Verses

Genesis 11 and Isaiah 11


  • Genesis 11
    • Shows us what mankind decided to do after the flood. God’s command to Adam and Eve was to multiply and fill the earth. God’s command to Noah and his family was the same thing.
    • After the flood, mankind decided to settle in one place and to build a tower, a monument to themselves, specifically for the purpose of not being scattered. This is why God confused their languages resulting in people splitting off, and explains why we have the major people groups and ethnicities we have today.
    • The chapter then goes on to a genealogy of Shem, them specifically to Terah, then to Abram, later Abraham. God is directing the text to focus on one family group with one promise; a savior, a promise that goes back to Genesis 3:15. We call this a family tree.
  • Isaiah 11
    • Short of breaking this down verse by verse, this chapter is all about what the Messiah will do one day, using the language of a tree. He is the root and he is the branch. He is the beginning and the end it says elsewhere.
    • Specifically this chapter talks about when the Messiah rules the earth in what is called The Millennium, mentioned in Revelation 20.
    • This is also the chapter where we find the possible connection of the 7-fold spirit of God in Revelation.

How are these two threads connected?

  • The short answer is Jesus!
  • Early in Genesis we see the thread of the Messiah beginning to take shape, zooming in on Abraham’s family line, and reminders along the way of why we need Him.
  • In Isaiah, this is one of many prophecies of what the Messiah will come to do, the manner in which He will rule the world, and the peaceful results as shown in animals that are natural enemies living and even playing together.
  • The people in Genesis 11 wanted their own Kingdom apart from God. Not gonna happen. In Isaiah 11 God’s kingdom will be the ultimate in righteousness, justice, and peace.

How do we apply this?

  • Take hope in what God is going to do one day. This world is a mess. It isn’t always going to be. There will be peace and justice when Jesus is King.

[reminder]Whose kingdom are you building? Whose kingdom are you investing in? How can you be about building God’s kingdom at your job, in your school, in your marriage and relationships? It is the only kingdom that matters and will last.[/reminder]


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