Connected Verses

Genesis 8:4 and The Resurrection on the first day of the week recorded in all four Gospels


  • Genesis 8:4
    • The flood was a judgment on the world. 8 people and representative pairs of the different kinds of animals, not every species as we classify them, were on the Ark being delivered through the judgment to a new life.
    • That vehicle of protection came to a rest, which meant everyone on board could rest after that boat ride!
  • The resurrection, the discovery of the empty tomb, is referred to in all four Gospels as being on the first day of the week.
    • For the purposes of this devotional I need to skip over some really interesting rabbit trails about calendars and when did Jesus have the last supper with his disciples and was that last supper the Seder or Passover meal, or something else.
    • Suffice it to say that since Jesus is the lamb of God, our Passover lamb, He would have been crucified on the 14th of Nisan, or, in the first month on the 14th day of the month.
    • Three days later, resurrection Sunday, the first day of the week, would be the first month, the 17th day of the month. Happy Anniversary!
    • Jesus, who took the judgment for sin for all mankind upon Himself, came back to life to give us rest as referred to in Hebrews 4.

How are these two threads connected?

  • The Ark came to rest on the 17th of the first month.
  • Jesus who is our rest and gives us rest came back to life on the 17th of the first month.
  • I believe that God cared enough about the timing and the dates, and the fact that they were recorded and hi lighted in such detail, so that we would see the connection after the fact.
  • I think God orchestrated this whole thing. Its as if, when it was all happening, He leaned to the Angels and said, “Remember that date? Watch this!”

How Do We Apply This?

  • There are so many possibilities that I’m going to just pick one trusting that the Holy Spirit is going to connect this to the right people at the right time.
  • If you are in Christ, if you have a relationship with Jesus, you can rest from a fear of judgment.
    • When the Ark came to rest after the storms, you gotta believe that Noah and his family breathed a huge sigh of relief and were overjoyed.
    • You have been through storms in life and maybe you are still dealing with the choices you made, the sin in which you were involved, before you connected with Jesus. These storms don’t mean God doesn’t love you and judgment still awaits. You just aren’t on the other side yet.
  • Trust Jesus the way Noah trusted God’s promise to protect him and the vehicle, the Ark, that Noah trusted God would protect him.
  • If you are in Jesus, your judgment has been paid. Rest in that.

[reminder]For those of you who are Christians, do you still feel like you are in jeopardy of God’s judgement? Why is that? What do you need to do to rest in Jesus from that?[/reminder]


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