Job 37:11-13
Have you ever noticed on TV how, when describing something beautiful in nature it is attributed to “Mother Nature,” yet when something like a hurricane or tsunami is labeled an “act of God”? The Biblical reality is that God is in both. In some cases it is for the correction of those in a certain place (hostile weather), in some cases it is an expression of love (good weather patterns). In any case, God does use weather to correct and to bless. Does than mean bad or good weather is a direct reflection of bad or good behavior? Nope. Sometimes storms, earthquakes, and other “natural disasters” are just more results of the curse on the earth from Genesis 3. Just because God causes it to happen doesn’t always mean He is punishing or rewarding. Just like our prosperity, sickness, and everything else we’ve seen in Job.

Zechariah 12:4-5
Back in the day God told His people not to build chariots or use horses in warfare. This is what the Egyptians did as well as many other cultures did for thousands of years. They were the tanks, the mobile battle platforms of the time. An army that had horses and chariots was no one to mess with. So why didn’t God want His people using these things? The reason wasn’t just because it’s what their enemies did. It was because He didn’t want His people to think that those were the things that made them strong. He didn’t want them to trust in horses or chariots. He wanted them to trust in Him. He was the one who would go before them into battle. He was the one who would fight for them. He would be the one to receive the glory and praise for the victory, not any individual. God wanted to fight for His people which would have the result of people wanting to join Israel and become God’s people. Who do you trust in? Where is your strength? What are the horses and chariots in your life? I don’t know about you, but I want the world to look at me and say, “He has strength through the Lord of hosts, his God.”

Revelation 14:6
It is often argued by those who don’t want to believe in God that He isn’t fair because not everyone can hear, has heard, or will hear the gospel, therefore they cannot be held accountable to the consequences of not believing in Jesus. The iron is that the individual making the argument has heard it, and if they cared so much about some not hearing it, they would believe and then go share the gospel with the jungle people. But I digress. Here in Revelation, during what could be agued as the height of God’s judgment being poured out on a Jesus-rejecting world, God is still trying to get the good news out. Some people with God would just write it in the sky so it would be obvious to all. Well, here it is. And you know what? People are still not going to believe. God’s grace is so full that He still gives people a chance to repent. Absolutely amazing. It is never too late. The only point at which it is too late is death. It isn’t our job to convince, but to simply deliver the message and live like we believe it. The Holy Spirit is the one who convicts the heart. Some will receive it. Some will not. In any case, God is more than fair.