Job 25
There is an improv game where you have to fill in the blanks and then come up with phrases. “Things you can say about your (blank) but not you (blank). For example, things you can say about your truck but not your mother. “She’s pulling a wide load.” As always, context is everything. What Bildad said was correct. One born of woman cannot be pure. it is also untrue. There is a practical and a positional aspect to this. Practically, as long as we are in this flesh we will not be pure. But, “if anyone is on Christ He is a new creation.” If we are in Christ we are positionally pure. We are in Christ. When God looks at us He sees us in Jesus. We aren’t yet perfected but we are being made perfect. Both Job and Bildad are right. it depends on how you look at it. How do you see yourself; in the flesh or as God sees you? When we focus on how we see ourselves we get depressed. When we focus on how God sees us we can have peace and confidence and walk in the power of the Spirit and not the flesh.

Zechariah 2:11
First and foremost this prophecy has to do with God’s plan for Israel in the last days. He isn’t done with his chosen nation yet. A time will come when God uses Israel to bring people to Himself, as has been His intention for them the whole time. For a while now, it seems kind of like they are on the shelf. A similar parallel can be drawn in the life of the individual believer. God has a plan, a mission, a “something” for all of His kids. We may have heard the call early on, but for whatever reason we aren’t in a position to be doing it. I know that was true for me for a long time. And therein lay the answer; it’s God plan, it’s His timing. Keep yourself ready to be used by Him because the time will come when He’s ready to say, “Now.” It’s never too late.

Jude 5
When we forget we need to be reminded. I don’t know how many times I’ve called home from the grocery story and asked, “What was I supposed to get?” because I got distracted by stuff like ice cream, frappuccino, and cupcakes, stuff that fed my want instead of my need. The same thing happens to us with doctrine and truth. There are those who have their own version of truth (which if it isn’t true, it’s false) and they want us to embrace it. When that happens we need reminders of the actual truth and the consequences of believing the lies. Where does Jude go? To what we call the Old Testament. A sad reality is that so many churches ignore the OT these days. They have forgotten (or never learned) that everything we have in the New has it’s foundation in the Old. The New is a fulfillment of the Old, not a cancellation or negation or replacement, a fulfillment. They go together. The truth of God’s word is where we get all of our great and precious promises. In order to know it we have to learn it. How can we learn it unless it is taught? Read your OT. Study it. Integrate it into what you have with Jesus because Jesus said of the Law and prophets, “I did not come to destroy, but fulfill.”