Job 23:10-17
As people who are in Christ, people who have a new nature, people who have confessed sin and been cleansed of all unrighteousness, it should be abnormal behavior for us to continue being under the power of sin and to give in to temptation. I’m not saying we will never sin again. I am saying sin should not be the norm for one who is in Christ. That being the case there are times when we have done nothing wrong, times when we have done nothing to directly deserve what feels like punishment from God. If we are experiencing something that feels like direct punishment from God and yet we have not sinned, there are two possible conclusions. (1) God is unjustly punishing us. This can’t be right since God us not unjust. (2) God isn’t punishing us but is instead tempering us as metal in fire. This is more often the case. Job didn’t seem to have the ability to see this. We need to learn to see our circumstances for what they are. Our vision needs to change because God doesn’t change. God will do what He will do. It’s up to us as to what we will do about it.

2 John 4
There’s nothing like seeing or hearing about the growth and success of those in whom you have spiritually invested. At a Sunday evening service years ago a kind of convergence too place. Present that night was a man who invested in me when I was young. I hadn’t seen him in quite a while so seeing him again brought back many memories, including his faith and love for me and the Lord. he invested in me and I was still walking the walk. Also present that night was a young woman who had been in the third grade Sunday School class when I was in high school. She was all grown up now, ready to graduate high school herself. Some friends and I spent a year investing in her and the rest of those kids, and here she is walking with and loving the Lord. It was a great feeling to be sandwiched in the middle like that. And then to think that that chain extends back to Jesus and the disciples? Amazing. Truly a legacy of life.