Scripture – Luke 4:16-44
Jesus is in His hometown. He knows what is about to happen. At first they are in awe of Him and respect Him. Then, when He won’t do what they want He goes back to more scripture pointing out that in some cases God only helps one amidst many. They don’t like it so they kick Him out. Then He goes to the next place and starts healing all kinds of people!
I often wonder why God will do a work in one place but not in another. It was true in Bible times and it’s still true today. Why does God bless and work and move in one place and time but not in another? Is it entirely up to us? Is it entirely up to God? Is it somehow a mixture of both? Is that too formulaic? The fact that God will do what He will do doesn’t absolve me of the opportunity and ability to seek Him for something. The fact that God does indeed seem to wait to work until one or some seek Him doesn’t in any way limit or hinder Him from doing or not doing. I need to ask, seek, and knock according to His will, even asking what His will is, and then leave it to Him.
Lord, I want to see you move in your power to glorify yourself in my life, in my church, in my town. If there is something more I need to do please show me. If I’m being disobedient by action or inaction, please tell me. I pray that your will is to revive me, revive this church, and set the captives in Forest Grove free.