A devotional on Genesis 20-22, Luke 8 where God shows compassion and faithfulness without discrimination.


Scripture – Genesis 20-22, Luke 8. All of it.

God stopped Abilelech, a pagan, from sleeping with Sarah and thus bringing judgment down on all his people. God had mercy on Haggai, an Egyptian, and her son by Abraham, Ishmael. In fact God promised to bless Ishmael even though he was a “work of the flesh” and not the “son of promise.” God was faithful even in His apparent contradiction with Isaac on the mountain. He protected them on sea, He healed a demon possessed man that was outcast by the people, He healed the daughter of a city leader, He healed a woman who was unclean. What they all had in common was a need for and submission to God at their time of need.
I was surprised at the concentration of variety in the kinds of people that God showed His compassion and faithfulness toward in these chapters today. I’m not surprised that He was faithful and compassionate, just at the variety. Our God is compassionate and faithful to all who go to Him in their hour of need.
God, give me a heart to share your love for all to all.