The recent bombing at the Boston Marathon and reported religious connection of the suspects has some critics comparing fundamentalist Muslims who kill in the name of Allah with fundamentalist Christians like who do stupid things in the name of Jesus, like bomb abortion clinics or protest military funerals. As I was pondering those comparisons the thought occurred  to me, “Christians aren’t supposed to be dangerous. Oh, wait. Yes they are.”

We aren’t supposed to be dangerous in the sense of suicide (or not) bombers and wars on terror. But we are supposed to be dangerous to the spiritual not-well-being of people separated from the Lord.

  • We should be dangerous to the atheist, not just because our logic and reasoning are sound, but because our lives are marked by the love of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • We should be dangerous to those who have the perception of Christians as selfish and materialistic because we are serving and giving like Jesus did.
  • We should be dangerous to the Buddhist, the Muslim, the Hindu, the Mormon, the Jehovah’s Witness, not because Jesus is better or our system makes more sense, but because Jesus is alive in us and through us as the way, the truth, and the life.

Christians should be the most dangerous people on the planet because of our normally radical love-irradiated lives. This love isn’t soft on sin but it is compassionately confrontational with the entire truth of the gospel.

  • As human beings we haven’t just broken God’s law, we have broken His heart.
  • The only way that can be resolved is through an act of forgiveness on His part.
  • Forgiveness can only be made possible by a sacrifice made on our behalf.
  • This is why Jesus died and rose again. Without that, it’s impossible.

This is what makes us so dangerous. Not what we do but what Jesus has done. Not a system of belief but what we are in Him. So, Christian, are you dangerous? If you aren’t, then you aren’t doing it right.