(That alphabet soup stands for Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors Conference) Here we go again! An introvert’s nightmare. Social anxiety for all! Once again I am looking forward to and dreading hanging out with some 800 (plus or minus) pastor types. Pastors who enjoy talking to people, especially other pastors is seems. Having the same conversation at least twice at every meal. That works out to about 72 times, assuming I’m at every meal. 😉 “What’s your name? Where is your church? Where is Forest Grove? That’s a weird name for a church. How long have you been there? How did you get there? How may you running? Could you pass the bacon?”

Oh well, it’s part of the gig I suppose. I mean, I could not go. I could save some money. But I know I need to go. People need to know I’m not as freaked out in person as I am online. I need to be somewhere where I’m reminded that I really am part of something bigger.

As in the past, I and others will be blogging from the conference. This year there will be some of us who will be Tweeting from the conference as well. The hashtag (that I’m aware of) if you want to follow it is #ccsp. If that changes or others come up, I’ll update that here and via Facebook/Twitter.

Deep breath. See you soon!