I know there are some Starbucks haters out there, but one thing they have going for them is that they know how to create an atmosphere. They are, in fact, experts at it. They don’t just sell coffee, they sell an environment and an experience. They do it so well that competitors spend millions of dollars (literally) studying how Starbucks does it. Have you ever been to one when it wasn’t busy? People want to hang out there. They play good but not intrusive music, the colors on the walls are pleasant, the food and drinks smell good. People want to be there. It’s a nice atmosphere.

What is your atmosphere like? You may have little to no control of that at work. But in your home, in your car, in your free time you do have control. You have the ability to create a Jesus-focused environment and atmosphere. You can have worship music playing in the house. Instead of talk radio you can have good Bible teachers in the car. There are dozens if not hundreds of free internet radio stations with music and teaching on them which means you can have access to that virtually anywhere. You can put memory verses on stickies or as your screen saver. There are all kinds of ways to do it. Get creative!

I would encourage you to take some time and consider the atmosphere of your home, your car, wherever you spend the most time. What can you do to make it a “Starbucks for Jesus” as it were? If you come up with some good ideas or resources, feel free to share!