Two books read in three weeks? Yes, it is some kind of record. And this book is not your typical CC history rehash book. You could say that this book goes B.C. – Before Chuck. Little joke there, very little. There is some great stuff in this book. There are 10 chapters. 1-8 are all about everything before CC. Chapter 9 is about the transition into and first few years of CC. Chapter 10 is a great series of nuggets of wisdom from Chuck gleaned from God’s word.

The theme of the book is this very simple concept; everything in life prepares us for something else. Nothing happens that God doesn’t have in mind in order to be used later in our lives. Chuck and his family went through a lot. I mean, my wife and I have moved, on average, 15 times in 15 years. Across town and across the country. Churches, secular jobs, voluntarily and out of necessity. Chuck and family went though way more than we have. That’s encouraging.

The other thing that stands out in Chuc’sk life is this pattern, and it’s all pre-CC. He begins to teach the Bible. Not topics, not themes, just the Bible. He stop focusing on growing a church and starts focusing on growing people. Next, while studying and teaching God’s word, Chuck has his own encounter with God’s grace. Having been brought up and educated in a goal-oriented, legalistic denomination, God’s grace was a concept but not a reality. It became a reality. God’s word plus God’s grace equaled personal relationship with the living God. It was at this point that God really started to use Chuck. It’s a pattern every believe is supposed to experience.

It’s a great read. It’s a great encouragement for anyone, but especially those in ministry. And it’s cool to get the rest of Chuck’s story, because it’s a story of God using everything to prepare someone for something else.