For me, today was very different than yesterday. These days should not be thought of better or worse, just different. Yesterday I really connected with what Zach and Dave had to say. Today, I didn’t so much connect with the speakers. That doesn’t mean they were bad or it was a bad day because I’m sure they really resonated with many of the guys here. Just not me so much.

By blessings of the day were an impromptu lunch with David Guzik and Tom Stipe. Totally unplanned but totally cool. Later that night I had dinner out with some of the “fellas” as Chuck would say. Always a little fun to get off campus and hang in a less overwhelming environment.

Oh. I the middle of the day I was just walking by a guy sitting in a chair. (I think I’ve said this before but we have to wear the lanyards with name tags on them. They hang at about chest level. In order to see someone’s name and where they are from you have to do this odd dance of looking down at the chest and then back up for a hand shake. I wonder if this is how women feel when men meet them.) The guy looked at my name tag and said, “Hey! I watch your videos on your website. I’m a big fan.” While I really appreciated it (and if he reads this, I really did, thank you so much), it was just kind of an odd experience. It’s one thing to put your stuff out there. I know some people download it because I check the server stats. But to get direct feedback, and from another pastor no less, is just kind of, out of the ordinary.

Anyway, Mike Macon (see links section on this page) is doing a great job of taking notes of the teachings. I’m not a big note taker. If I was just into the teaching I’d stay home and get the DVDs. I’m here for the ambience (ask Mike how to pronounce that). I will say this about the ambience this year. To me it seems much less tense. Even in the light of Paul Smith’s departure from CCOF the vibe in the air seems much less contentious than last year. I don’t know if that’s a function of the speakers or the people at the conference or what. I didn’t know if it was just an opening day thing yesterday, but I’m still feeling it today.

There is always a certain amount if “I’m glad we are who we are” but every group has a level of that, and it isn’t inherently bad. These conferences can be an opportunity for chest thumping for Calvary Chapel and there has been a minimal amount of it this year. It’s been good.

Tomorrow, amongst others, we have David Guzik and Tom Stipe. Actually, they are the first two speakers of the day. Sounds like a good time to me!

Correction – Mike Macintosh is first up tomorrow.