• 3:1-2 Purpose of the writing. Peter puts the words of the apostles on the same level as the prophets.
    • walking – follow after something, a journey, carry over
    • The motivation of the scoffer – not truth, but self. Amazing how this letter and Jude parallel one another.
  • Creation – by Godʼs word, communicated by Godʼs word.
  • The flood. A global judgment of God. By Godʼs word, communicated by Godʼs word.
  • What are they scoffing?
    • Creation, first judgment, Messiah coming, last judgment, new creation.
    • Erosion of Godʼs word from both ends.
    • Peter brings us back to the point of it all.
  • Right now, God is there as Peter is writing these words, as Daniel is in the lions den, as the Temple is being desecrated in our future. God is with you in the past, present, and future.
  • Peterʼs point, and the context, is that God is waiting, God is giving more people more time to come into a right relationship with Him.
    • David and Bathsheba.
    • What does God want of you/me/us? Repentance. Gospel.
  • grow in the grace and knowledge – Are you in a constant state of being transformed? Can other tell you are being changed?
  • TheLordisnotslack.Promisessalvation&judgment.Waiting& wanting, Donʼt choose from fear, but from need and love.

2 Peter 3 The Lord Is Not A Slacker

Originally taught September 13, 2009.